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Amino Lifting Plus - Lifting of genes with amino acids

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Lash Lifting with amino acids is the secret of long and voluminous eyelashes! It curves, lifts and stretches the natural lashes, making them visibly longer.
Due to the formula and active ingredients, a visual volume of up to 30% is obtained, and the effect is maintained for up to 4-5 weeks.

The Amino Lifting Plus Kit contains, in order of use, the following products (sufficient for approximately 60 procedures):
1) Set of silicone bands for eyelash curling (5 pairs, XS, S, M, L, XL);
2) 3 Strawberry Combi Brush applicators with which you can stretch and remove the solutions used during the procedure, but at the same time separate and place the lashes evenly on the silicone strips;
3) 8g Strong Fixer Super Gel with which the eyelashes are fixed with silicone tape;
3) Cream 1 (8g) relaxes natural lashes and helps them to take the shape of silicone strips very easily;
4) Cream 2 (8g) fixes and adds volume to natural lashes.
5) Black Coating pigment that darkens the color of natural eyelashes.
6) Clear Essence (pure keratin) that stimulates the growth of eyelashes, strengthens and protects them.

How to use:
1) Carefully clean the lashes, removing any traces of makeup, residue, oil or dust;
2) Insulate the lower lashes, then apply the Strong Fixer adhesive on the back of the silicone strips and fix them to the upper eyelid;
3) Apply Cream # 1 at a distance of 1mm from the root of the lashes and remove it after 10-20 minutes in the case of thin lashes or 15-25 minutes in the case of thicker lashes;
4) Apply Cream # 2 at a distance of 1mm from the root of the lashes and remove it after 10-20 minutes in the case of thin lashes or 15-25 minutes in the case of thicker lashes;
5) Remove the silicone strips;
5) Apply the Black Coating pigment;
6) Apply Clear Essence treatment to strengthen and protect natural lashes after the lifting procedure.

Precautions for use:
1) The products in the Amino Lifting Plus kit are intended exclusively for external use!
2) Avoid eye contact with products! Otherwise, rinse immediately with clean water!
3) Do not perform the lifting procedure if you notice scars, eczema or dermatitis on the eyelids!
4) If irritation occurs, rinse immediately with clean water and discontinue the procedure!
5) Keep out of reach of children! After use, the products are stored in a dark and cool place.
6) Close the lid of the containers tightly after use!
7) Avoid exposing products to direct sunlight!

Storage conditions
Humidity: between 30% and 70%
Temperature: between + 3 ° C and + 25 ° C

From opening: 3 months
Sealed: 12 months


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I am very happy with the rolling kit ... and the price is very good!
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