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Beautiful Brows - Blue Black - 20ml

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The black with blue reflections offered by the Beautiful Brows Blue Black eyelash paint will perfectly highlight the natural lashes! Mix 2cm of paint with 6 drops of oxidizing cream 3% Beautiful Brows.

How to use:
For best results, clean your lashes with cleansing foam or a makeup remover.
Make sure your lashes and eyebrows are dry and degreased before applying the paint.

Eyebrow painting:
Mix in a glass 2cm of paint with 6 drops of oxidant 3% Beautiful Brows cream until you get a homogeneous solution.
In order not to stain the skin, we recommend applying Petroleum Jelly around the eyebrows. A thin layer under the arch and above the tail should suffice.
Use a brush to apply the mixture of paint and oxidant. Make sure the eyebrows are completely covered and pointed in the right direction.
Let the paint take effect for 5-7 minutes depending on how intense you want the color to be. If you want a very intense shade, you can let the paint work for 10 minutes.
Remove excess paint from the eyebrows with a cotton pad or cotton swab.

Eyelash dyeing:
Mix in a glass 2cm of paint with 6 drops of oxidant 3% Beautiful Brows cream until you get a homogeneous solution.
If the customer wears contact lenses, they must be removed during the procedure. The eyes must remain closed for the entire duration of the paint's operation, until it is completely removed! In order not to stain the skin under the eyelids, we recommend applying Biogel patches.
Use a brush to apply the mixture of paint and oxidant. Make sure the lashes are completely covered with paint.
Let the paint take effect for 10 minutes. If you dye your lashes immediately after a lamination / lash lifting procedure, the time is halved (5 minutes).
Remove the paint from the eyelashes with a cotton swab soaked in water or a damp cotton swab. Wipe the lashes from the root until you get past the tips and reach the patches. The eyes should remain closed until you have removed the last trace of paint.

Sensitivity test:
The sensitivity test should be done at least 24-48 hours before treatment. The test results can be positive or negative.
A positive result can be recognized by the appearance of irritations, swellings or inflammation of the skin. If you notice any of these effects, do not perform the treatment!
A negative result does not cause any skin reaction, so you can perform the procedure!

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