Natural Lashes

Lash Extensions

Using eyelash extensions you create your own design corresponding to your face. Eyelash extensions correct small eye mistakes (eg drooping eyelids can be raised), masking imperfections. You get longer, more curved and thicker eyelashes.


Natural Lashes adhesives are designed not to cause allergies or to make eyelashes difficult. It does not affect the eye area and natural eyelashes. They are made to medical standards and can also be used by people with sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses.

Lamination & Lash Lifting

Eyelash lamination is a new treatment that makes eyelashes more curved, stronger and 30% larger. The lamination procedure gives the natural lashes a perfect color, a natural curvature, flexibility and elasticity. With the help of rolling products from the HS range, the lashes will become more curved, longer and thicker.


Cleansers, Primers, Removers


Lash & Brow Tints

We offer a wide range of professional eyelash and eyebrow paints used in the most famous beauty salons in the world.

Allergy Prevention

One in three technicians in the field of gene extensions suffers from allergies. When applying eyelash extensions, technicians inhale the vapors of the adhesives and, over time, develop allergies. SHEMAX Lash is the first toxic vapor collector that prevents the spread of adhesive vapors in the workroom, purifies the air and prevents the occurrence of chronic allergies.