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Magic Pack - with Silica-Gel sachet

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Cyanoacrylate adhesives used in the application of eyelash extensions are very sensitive to moisture in the air. For this reason they have a short shelf life if they are not opened and used (approximately one year from the date of manufacture) and 30-45 days once opened.

The Magic Pack prevents damage to the adhesives after opening and prolongs their validity. Together with the Silica-Gel sachet, the Magic Pack keeps the adhesives at a constant temperature and humidity.

After using the adhesive, remove any traces of adhesive from the applicator and screw on the adhesive cover. Put the adhesive bottle in the Magic Pack, together with the Silica-Gel sachet. Remove all air from the Magic Pack as much as possible and seal it. Store the Magic Pack in a cool, dry place.


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Camelia P. – 04.11.2021
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