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My Lamination - Neutralizing Cream +

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Neutralizing Cream + is the second step in the My Lamination lamination procedure. The solution stops the curving effect and fixes the new curvature of the lashes.

How to use:

You need to know from the beginning that the duration of treatment varies depending on the genes of each client.
Do not start the procedure until you have completed the client's form, and if the client is at the first application, perform a sensitivity test!
Place your client comfortably on the bed and photograph her natural lashes so that she can compare the work before and after. Protect her hair with a headband and cover her chest with a blanket or towel to avoid staining her clothes.
Sanitize your hands! Remove any makeup with an oil-free cleanser and a clean cotton pad. After cleaning, throw the floppy disk in the trash.

Opening the envelopes
Drill one of the sides of the envelope with sharp tweezers. Then press the sachet until you get the desired amount of solution.

Sealing the envelopes
Wipe the solution sachet and cover the hole with a piece of scotch tape. You will be able to use the rest of the solution for a new treatment.

Adhesive application:
Brush the client's eyelashes with a disposable brush. After brushing, keep it because you will need it at the end of the treatment.
Isolate the lower lashes from each eye with a patch.
Choose the right silicone strips for the desired effect. You can cut them a little if you think it's necessary.
Apply adhesive to the back of the silicone strips and place them on the eyelid, close to the root of the natural lashes. The adhesive will take effect in about 20 seconds.
Apply adhesive on the front of the silicone strips and lift the lashes from the root to the top with the help of the Laminating Pen or the Y brush. Do not use too much adhesive, otherwise the lashes will come off the silicone tape.

Step 1: Lifting Cream +
Massage the Lifting Cream + sachet circularly before opening!
Apply, with the help of a micro-brush, a small amount of cream from the root to 1/3 of the eyelash if you want to get the lifting effect and up to a maximum of 1/2 of the eyelash if you want to get a lifting effect accompanied by a slight curvature of the eyelashes.
Depending on the thickness of the natural lashes, let the cream work like this:
- 7-8 minutes for thin lashes
- 9-10 minutes for normal, natural lashes
- 10-12 minutes for thick lashes
Remove the cream with a micro-brush and throw it in the trash afterwards.

Step 2: Neutralizing Cream +
Circularly massage the Neutralizing Cream + sachet before opening!
Apply, with the help of a micro-brush, a small amount of lotion exactly where you applied the cream from step 1.
Depending on the thickness of the natural lashes, let the lotion take effect as follows:
- 7 minutes for thin lashes
- 8 minutes for normal eyelashes
- 9 minutes for thick lashes
Remove the cream with a micro-brush and throw it in the trash afterwards.

Step 3: Moisturizing Serum +
Massage the Hydrating Serum + sachet circularly before opening!
Apply, with the help of a micro-brush, the moisturizing serum over the lashes. Allow the serum to moisturize the lashes for 5 minutes, then peel them off the silicone tape.
Also apply a small amount of moisturizer between the eyelids and the silicone strips to remove the latter as well.
The rest of the serum on the eyelids will be removed with an applicator.

Step 4: Botox Lash (optional)
Apply, with the help of a microbrush, by movements from the base to the tips, a sufficient amount of Vitamin Lash Botox on the entire surface of the lashes (starting from 2-3 millimeters away from the base of the lashes). You can cover with foil to maximize the effect of the ingredients.
Let the Botox Lash work for 5 minutes, then clean the lashes with a clean microbrush, by vertical movements from the base of the lashes to the tip.

Completion of the procedure:
Remove the patches and brush the lashes with the disposable brush you kept at the beginning of the treatment.
Don't forget to take the final photo!
Explain to your client the rules of caring for her new eyelashes and give her a disposable toothbrush as a gift.

Sensitivity test:
The sensitivity test should be done at least 24-48 hours before treatment. The test results can be positive or negative.
A positive result can be recognized by the appearance of irritations, swellings or inflammation of the skin. If you notice any of these effects, do not perform the treatment!
A negative result does not cause any skin reaction, so you can perform the procedure!
Both results must be recorded on the customer record!

Sensitivity test on the 3 My Lamination sachets:
Clean an area of about 2cm 2 on the inside of the left arm, above the elbow. Dab in three different places with a small amount of the 3 My Lamination sachets, then cover with micropore tape and write down the place and the substance used in the client's file.

Post-procedure care rules:
In the first 24-28 hours after the lamination treatment, the client is not allowed to use any kind of make-up, to apply false eyelashes or eyelash extensions; to rub the eyes; use contact lenses; to swim or use the sauna.
The lashes should be kept dry for 24-48 hours after the procedure and will be brushed from the bottom up!
Advise her to sleep on her back for the first 2 days after the procedure to prevent crushing her eyelashes with the pillow.

Eyelash Relaxation / Facelift Reversal:
The reverse procedure for eyelash lifting is also called relaxation. First of all, you need to make sure that the lashes are in good condition for repeating the procedure.
Relaxation is done by repeating the lifting procedure, only this time the silicone strips are no longer used, but the lashes are brushed from top to bottom, very carefully to avoid reaching the tips!
Apply, with the help of a micro-brush, a small amount of cream (step 1) from the root to 1/3 of the eyelash and let the cream take effect for 1-2 minutes, then remove it.
Apply, also with the help of a micro-brush, a small amount of neutralizing lotion (step 2), let it take effect for 1-2 minutes, then remove it.
Finally, apply moisturizer.

Product storage:
All My Lamination creams, lotions and serums should be kept in a cool place, away from direct sunlight!
The sachets are marked with microporous tape on which it is mandatory to write the opening date!

We prohibit performing the procedure when the client has cuts, scratches, inflammation or swelling in the eye area, cataracts, glaucoma, eye infections, eczema, psoriasis, conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, cancer, hay fever, trichotillomania, alopecia or blepharitis.
Contact lenses should be removed before the procedure and can be replaced 24-28 hours after My Lamination treatment.
Due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy / lactation, the effect of treatment on pregnant or breastfeeding clients may be shorter. We recommend informing the client about this!
Clients who have recently had a Lasik / iLasik / laser myopia decrease surgery must wait 6 weeks until the second procedure.
Clients who have recently had a permanent make-up procedure must wait 4 weeks until the second procedure.
Clients who have recently had a fallen eyelid / blepharoplasty operation should wait 4-6 months until after the operation and present a certificate from the doctor stating that they are fit for a eyelash lifting procedure.

Quantity: 1.5ml

From opening: 2 months
Sealed: 1 year from the date of manufacture


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