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Shadow Velvet Lashes - 8mm, D, 0.13mm   Zoom in

Shadow Velvet Lashes - 8mm, D, 0.13mm

18.35 €  12.99 €  (VAT included)

Shadow Velvet are the first eyelash extensions based on the latest silk yarn processing technology.

Shadow Velvet extensions have not one, but two points of contact with the natural eyelash, which greatly increases the strength of the work!

Seen from the front, the wire-to-wire works look like 2D-3D applications due to the split tips that create the effect of optical illusion. From the profile, however, it will be very difficult to realize that there are eyelash extensions, and this is due to the much reduced distance between the eyelash and extension, as well as the slim shape.

Due to the optical illusion effect you will get the same result with fewer wires. This reduces both material consumption and application time! Shadow Velvet mega-volume works feel incredibly light because they weigh 2 times less than a regular extension. In addition, they are very flexible and soft to the touch, of a very intense black.

Box content: 16 lines
Length: 8mm
Curvature: D
Thickness: 0.13mm
Color: very intense black


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(5/5 stars)
Super high quality and easy to work with! Very fine to the touch! Thickness 0.10 is equivalent to 2 normal extensions of 0.05, so you can work a larger volume like 4-5D without endangering your eyelashes naturally. Worth a try!
Diana Stefania B. – 09.10.2021
(5/5 stars)
They come off the tape easily. They are soft and offer a volume effect of only 3-4D. Customers are extremely satisfied with their resilience. Shadow Velvet are my favorite range and I have been working with them for about 2 years.
Geanina T. – 11.09.2021
(5/5 stars)
Super happy with Shadow Velvet knees! They are very light and comfortable for the client, they come off very easily. The order arrives on the 2nd day. Very prompt !!! I recommend !!!
Andreea A. – 18.05.2021
(5/5 stars)
Super satisfied with the products! I have already tested some of the products and I can say that I would not give up on Shadow eyelashes, the tweezers are beautiful, the fan works perfectly and I really needed it.
Cristina Anamaria N. – 03.04.2021
(5/5 stars)
Shadow Velvet are the softest eyelashes I've ever worked with! Their resistance is very, very good! I recommend with pleasure and confidence. They also have the effect of optical illusion, and the client enjoys an extra volume that almost does not feel at all to the touch.
Andreea R. – 27.01.2021
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(5/5 stars)
The products are quality and I always find them at the lowest price on the market. For each order I received a voucher and a gift product. That's a big plus!
Livia T. – 03.12.2021
(5/5 stars)
The best eyelash extensions. I have been working with Natural Lashes for over a year and I am very satisfied. The order comes very fast. I will return every time with great pleasure.
Madalina B. – 18.11.2021
(5/5 stars)
Very satisfied! The best product ever! The lashes are gorgeous, high quality, the customers are delighted. I highly recommend Diamond Silk Lashes products. All products seem to me The Best!
Eleonora T. – 18.11.2021
(5/5 stars)
I am satisfied with the products on this site. They are quality, the packaging is good, the delivery is good, and the monthly discounts are great. I will always order. Thanks for everything!
Ancuta P. – 18.11.2021
(5/5 stars)
From my point of view, they are the best products! At the best price! I've been working with them for a while!
Mariana G. – 05.11.2021
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